Lee Je Hoon  đã trình diễn tác phẩm của mình cho “  Where Stars Land  ”.

“Place Stars Land” là một bộ phim truyền hình set in the airport of Incheon, found for the mixed activities, inside of the Bay of the Bay as one of a job. In the movie, actor on the new action, alias, Lee Soo Yeon, an alias. The previous files is already exists of the first of the original of its when you looking for anh Jang, khoe cánh tay anh.

While the images is released, Lee Je Hoon is between one of a touch level with a external client. The swap to the nick of the enemy, and a client of the ta ta when anh ta lo sợ block to move with your arm. Anh ta has an existing client when anh ta lủng lẳng on the way. Khi quay phim, Lee Je Hoon đã luyện tập nhiều lần, đảm bảo rằng anh ấy có tất cả các chi tiết đúng đắn. When quay video, start, move nhanh, never never forgeting with your face, like the action. One source from the kernel producer says, “Warning this for an alias of the finger alias of Lee Soo Yeon and will be create the curious for the viewer. Please look up the image of the image of Lee Je Hoon when you she is sheed mình into your Lee Soo Yeon.

“Nơi Stars Land” phát sóng vào mỗi thứ Hai và thứ Ba lúc 10 giờ tối theo giờ KST.

If you don’t have, please see the new file below!

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